Oil, Energy & Gas industry presents unique challenges, and PENCHIN offers a portfolio of high performance solutions that successfully address these challenges.

PENCHIN offers industry leading gas control, measurement and analysis equipment to gas utilities and other users in Nigeria. We expertise along the entire gas supply chain, with reliable products and systems that enable users to exercise full control over their regulating and measuring needs.

All leading technologies are incorporated to provide complete solutions for the most demanding applications. This leads to reduced uncertainty, higher reliability, minimal risk and lower maintenance costs.

For years, PENCHIN has been the market leader in Nigeria for large gas measurement. We are also known in the Nigerian gas market for outstanding performance and services in gas measurement technology.


  • Gas Measurement Products development, planning, production, implementation, assembly, commissioning
  • After-Sales Service and Support
  • Data storage, data management, visualization
  • Gas volume measurement, gas quality measurement

Our team of seasoned field operations engineers have the ability to conduct the following verification programs:

  • Zero flow verification
  • Speed of sound analysis
  • Individual path measurement analysis
  • Internal inspection
  • Dimensional verification

Flow measurement is critical at all points of the supply chain. Both fiscal and custody transfer measurements are needed at many points along the supply chain, but the appropriate products to make those measurements are critical for accurate flow measurement.

As part of our commitment to providing utmost industry based solution in compliance with the Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR) and other International Regulations that conforms to the AGA 10 standards, Penchin Global Services Limited is in direct partnership with RMG Messtechnik GmbH for the provisions of Gas Measurement Solutions in Nigeria.

RMG Messtechnik GmbH are World Class Manufacturers and Designers of Gas Measurement Products:

  • Ultrasonic Gas Flow meters used for Fiscal metering
  • Turbine Gas Flow meters used for Fiscal metering
  • Turbine Gas Flow meters used for Secondary metering
  • Process Gas Chromatograph
  • Electronic Volume Corrector (EVC)
  • Flow Computer
  • Gas Metering Management solution