PENCHIN provides a broad range of Asset Integrity that is increasingly important to optimizing safety and operational efficiency in the Oil/ Gas industry.

Over the years, we have pride ourselves in supporting operators with the need to comply with Corporate and Regulatory requirements but also recognizes that, developing and managing an effective and compliant Asset Integrity Management is both time consuming and costly.

There is an increasing demand for FPSOs routine Inspection to extend their lives in the field. This raises challenges in how to identify the requirements, budget and plan the work and implement it safely and with minimum production disruption.

Penchin ROV capabilities are able to provide the most appropriate machine for the specific requirements of our clients. Our lightweight inspection-class ROVs are capable of travelling through pipelines with an internal diameter of as little as 190mm while our work-class ROVs can operate powered tools and carry cable finding equipment to depths of up to 2,000 meters and beyond.

Our Solutions

Helping Operators develop and manage their asset Integrity systems, Nevertheless, a typical project scope would include development of a Life Extension Work scope, Condition Assessment, Detailed Implementation Plans and Budgets, Engineering and Compliance Support, Corrosion Protection, Project Management and Site Implementation.

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