We are offering systems and solutions in the Nigerian energy market. We are the Nigerian supplier of oil & gas processing equipment, flow control & safeguarding systems and modules.

Penchin is the in-country exclusive partner of INRADA O.G.R.S. for the territory of Nigeria. INRADA O.G.R.S. over the years are providing state-of art technological advanced product & services with totally integrated fabrication & assembly capabilities to shoppers round the world.

With in-house experience and unrivalled technical expertise, INRADA O.G.R.S. in synergy with Penchin to provide local support can give you far more than simply the right product at the right price.

Our broad range of modular system solutions cover the following:


The system style includes skid structure, tank, pumps, valves, electrical & instrumentation. We tend to produce varied styles of Chemical Injection Packages (CIP) for flow assurance, protection of kit and achieved desired process parameters for production and well testing applications. These applications are MEG Injection, Scale Inhibitors, Corrosion Inhibitors, Depressants, Glycol. The provided system will be Injection sort or dosing sort. Additionally, we tend to work to cut down in sourcing the correct resolution by connecting with our knowledgeable engineering and project management unit for any field demand.
  Key System Features:
  • Comprehensive range injection packages for the injection of a large array of chemicals
  • Testing and certification consistent with EN12079 for offshore use.
  • Using pump brands selected by our customers
  • Providing the required interconnections and drain facilities
  • Chemical Distribution Panel /IRCDs
  • Safety reliable management system
  • Cost-effective standard style, which ends in low installation and operational prices
  • 24/7 service and sales support within Nigeria.


The Glycol dehydration processes subtract vapor from natural gas, that helps forestall hydrate formation, forestall corrosion, and maximize pipeline efficiency. The custom & customary gas dehydration systems and accessories may be provided to fulfill the very best standards of safety, performance and responsibility in accordance with world regulative standards and pointers. The glycol-based dehydration systems generally embrace economical, energy-saving technology like heat exchangers and therefore the recycle of flash gas for baring. Moreover, a sensible balance between packing height, glycol purity, and glycol quantity permits you to profit from decreased utility consumption levels.
Key System Features:
  • Enhances Operational skillfulness
  • Lower operating expense compared to traditional
  • Range of glycols as well as DEG, TREG and also the widely-used TEG
  • Carbon steel, alloy, carbon steel with alloy clad construction
  • Special Coatings
  • Galvanized Skids, ladders and access platforms.
  • Modular style with stripper gas recovery system.
  • Customized compact and transportable style according consumer needs and project conditions appropriate for unsafe areas.
  • In-house multi-disciplinary engineering team to supply fit-to purpose gas-dehydration systems meeting clients’ needs.
  • Organized style philosophy for simplified operation and maintenance of the units
  • Complete package equipped skid-mounted, making it straightforward to move, minimizes installation and operations overhead in addition to integration with production systems.
  • 24/7 nationwide service and after-sales support within Nigeria.


We develop systems that’s reliable, straightforward to install and enhances your potency. Our HIPPS solution not solely provides internal control equipment with adequate certified failure knowledge for all parts, it additionally includes verification of the security Integrity Level and proof check, operating procedures and review plans for the operator, to confirm the specified safety is maintained throughout the security life cycle.   Our team of certified functional Safety Engineers and offers an intensive expertise and experience in applying IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards in designing & engineering the HIPPS system to confirm necessities set by the end user are met, avoid any conflicts throughout validation. we have a tendency to additionally conduct HAZOP studies, fault tree analysis and Third Party Certification of our HIPPS systems.
Key System Features:
  • Custom-engineered integrated HIPPS solutions
  • Integrated safety loop to IEC 61508 and 61511
  • Onshore, offshore and subsea HIPPS solutions
  • Usable on all valve brands
  • For axial and radial valves ( Size 2”-48” Rating ANSI 150-2500)
  • Low and high flows
  • Logic thinker hardware (hydraulic)
  • PLC primarily based Logic thinker
  • Diagnostics and testing (PST)
  • Closing time as per customer specific project necessities.
  • SIL -2 or SIL-3 system
  • 24/7 service and when sales support nationwide.


Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are designed to produce safe, reliable and clean of low pressure, Medium Pressure and high pressure hydraulic energy to a spread of end-user equipment, operational in unsafe environments at offshore and onshore locations. Developed with inherent style flexibility our HPUs guarantee reliable operation and management of a large sort of equipment. Build the correct HPU for your distinctive application with our field-proven technology. Our basic HPU is supplied with reservoirs, pumps, motors, filters, accumulators, valves, and safety instrumentation controls. All elements are controlled by a bearing system provided by us, or by the client’s own system. The materials utilized in HPUs match your distinctive process conditions, site-specific necessities and third-party necessities, and may thus embody the total range of exotic materials.
Key System Features:
  • Fully encircled cabinet or open framework skid
  • High pressure up to 15,000 psi
  • Appropriate for hydraulic oil or water/glycol-based hydraulic fluids
  • Extensive range of pump varieties and flow rates
  • Design appropriate for unsafe areas
  • Bladder or piston kind accumulators in numerous sizes and materials
  • Individually regulated hydraulic power header lines
  • Recirculation system and state-of-the art filters to keep up cleanliness of the hydraulic fluid
  • Motor centre and/or native control panel will be enclosed
  • Customized style according to customer necessities and project conditions.
  • In-house engineering team that styles powerful hydraulic packages
  • Organized style philosophy for simplified operation and maintenance of the units
  • Complete package equipped skid-mounted, making it simple to move
  • Lean engineering requirement and usage of high-end materials for reliable and solid equipment
  • 24/7 nationwide service and after-sales support in Nigeria.


Subsea HPUs are designed to supply and maintain the performance and functionality to assure reliable and safe operation of the subsea systems. Our subsea HPUs are specifically designed in line with Client’s project specifications and international standards. Build the proper subsea HPU for your distinctive application with our field-proven technology Our hydraulic power units are designed as strong, complete units, equipped with all instruments, pumps, motors, filters, valves and accumulators needed to work in harsh environments. we provide a good range of subsea HPUs, from compact, moveable hydraulic systems to advanced, state-of-the-art installation workover management systems, developed for operation in each tropical and arctic environments.
Key System Features:
  • Custom style for subsea hydraulic systems and subsea management module.
  • Modular style for straightforward installation & maintenance.
  • Multi-outlet provide header system configurations for redundant subsea HP and LP
  • Isolated provide and come fluid reservoirs;
  • Integral/external Accumulator style
  • Battery power-driven subsea hydraulic power racks.
  • Environmental and dangerous style specification and certification to satisfy local requirements
  • 24/7 service and after sales support in Nigeria.


Efficient flushing removes the contaminants and increases the strength of the system by providing a turbulent flows within the process lines through the flushing systems. We offer wide range of assorted flushing packages with hydraulic drive and/or electrical drive choices from conception through to custom style, fabrication, testing and delivery of standalone or integrated module packages. Our Flushing system provides the controlled flowrates, regulated pressure for flushing, filtration and pressure testing of the process lines as per international customary compliances. Our Hydraulic Pressure Testing System works by providing test fluid at some desired pressures for leak proof and functional testing as per international standards and regulatory compliances.
Key System Features:
  • Robust and versatile style
  • Fully confined cabinet or open framework skid
  • Design and certification approval to DNV2.7-1 and DNV2.7-3
  • High operating pressures up to 15000 psig
  • Electric and/or pneumatic pumps appropriate to be used with mineral oil or water glycol primarily based fluids
  • Compatible to varied fluids
  • Less micron filtration
  • Wide array of process parameters
  • Suitable for offshore and onshore applications


Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs) are designed to supply safe, reliable and clean of Low, Medium and High Pressure hydraulic energy to a range of end-user equipment, operational in dangerous environments at offshore and onshore locations. Developed with inherent style flexibility our HPUs guarantee reliable operation and management of a large type of equipment. We concentrate on single, multi, PLC-based and self-contained WHCP which meet the very best standards of safety, performance and dependableness. Our systems are appropriate to be used in remote areas, on offshore platforms. Our designed WHCPs are necessary elements inside the main control and safety systems for each onshore and offshore production facilities. Our tailor-made panels allow for safe operation of the actuated safety valves inside the oil and gas production Christmas trees and flowlines by providing clean, hydraulic power and reliable in operation and control options.
Key System Features:
  • Optimized modular design with master & well control modules for optimization of plot area.
  • Onshore (single well) / offshore (multi well)
  • Output pressure to a maximum of 15000 psi.
  • 3D Modelling design
  • Emergency shutdown (ESD) and process shut down needs
  • Front panel displays and liquified loop for local ESD.
  • Local or Remote Operation and may be integrated with PLC/SCADA.
  • Available in hydraulic, pneumatic-hydraulic, electro-hydraulic and electro-hydraulic- pneumatic style.
  • Exotic Materials for pipe, tube, fittings and valves
  • Fittings are double-ferrule or high pressure cone-and thread type; obtainable in numerous size and materials.
  • ATEX/IECEX certified elements
  • SIL / IP compliances
  • Specialized prepacked system -60 deg to + 60 deg Celsius
  • 24/7 service and after sales support in Nigeria.