The FPSO requires various inspection needs to support operations ranging from:

  • Internal tank inspections
  • Inspections in lieu of dry docking
  • Hull inspection
  • Underwater structure inspections
  • Periodic inspection to support operations

In view of all the mentioned requirements, inspections are regularly required to ensure safe operation of facility and associated structure.

Penchin’s ROV services include, but are not limited to:

  • Cable and pipeline tracking
  • Marine Survey Support
  • Seabed Video and Photography
  • Visual and Sonar Inspection
  • Diver Support
  • Dock/harbor
  • Hull Inspection
  • In water Inspection Survey
  • Subsea Chain inspection and measurement
  • Tank Inspection (No Man entry)

Based on the inspections needs of the FPSO facility appropriate ROV technology that suits the need required but not limited to the below are:

  • Mini ROVs
  • Inspection ROVs
  • SPM buoy body
  • Anchor Legs
  • These remote vehicles have the capability of taking at the minimum pictures, life video feeds, measurement and Cleaning as the case may be based on requirement.

PGSL Mini ROvs

Our mini ROVs: they are 300m water depth rated, with capability of inspection especially where space is a concern e.g tanks. They can easily be mobilized via a helicopter where there is an urgent need and deployed directly from the FPSO.

They can also be fitted with CP probes, UT gauge, laser for measurement and cavity cleaner for light cleaning scope. They can also be tailored to suit a client light inspection requirement. The inspection ROV: These are our enhanced capacity inspection ROVs. They come complete with LARS and TMS, though can be configured as a free fly. They are rated up to 2000 m water depth. With increased capacity of being able to integrate 2 tools at a time, cleaning capability, measurements, production support and more Video ray pro5 with CP and UT Gauge Cougar with arms and cutter.


Penchin’s electric MOHAWK remotely operated vehicle is a small compact, high performance professional ROV system which can be used for a variety of underwater tasks including observation, survey, NDT inspections and tooling. This small, professional inspection ROV delivers exceptionally high thrust in all directions. The MOHAWK provides high quality video for inspection work but also has the capabilities for running underslung tool packages such as tree valve torque tools, high pressure water jetting pumps and small hydraulic or electric manipulators.

The MOHAWK is designed for a wide range of underwater tasks including, but not limited to: Diver monitoring and support, Inspection of structures, Payload item deployment, Maintenance and repair, Survey, Oceanography & Research, Retrieval of Ordnance, Light construction support, Well work-over support

PGSL MOHAWK System configuration:

  • Observation
  • Inspection
  • TMS
  • LARS

Our diving and ROV division owns a number of fully mobile LARS housed in 20ft transport containers. Divers LARS can carry an onboard breathing air supply so as to offer an immediate safe haven for deeper water works or for whenever a free accent is not possible.